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11:21 video


released 25 April 2015

Music and lyrics are written, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lend me your underbelly

Field recording samples were taken at various places in the Netherlands, Dresden, Berlin, Prague, Le Grand-serre, Enzerdorf an der Fischa, Honolulu, Seatle, Oregon and Washington. Samples from Honolulu, Seatle, Oregon and Washington were recorded by Emine Korkmaz.

Coverart by Lend me your underbelly

Lend me your underbelly is the solo project of Christian Berends from the Netherlands. The music is written through improvisation and experiment, and contains elements of experimental rock and psychedelic rock, soundscapes, together with a bit of noise, which often take place in an atmospheric setting. Loud expressive, or approaching silence. Guitar, field recordings, vocals, midi triggered samples and instruments, loopers and other tools are used to explore the boundaries between improvisation, studio recordings, and performing on stage.

Christian Berends//Lend me your underbelly



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Lend Me Your Underbelly || Bandcamp || [Psychedelic rock, Experimental] Utrecht, Netherlands

Lend me your underbelly is a one-man-band from the Netherlands. The music written through improvisation and experiment, consisting of elements that are linked to experimental and psychedelic rock, often taking place in atmospheric settings, together with a pinch of noise. ... more

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Track Name: Everything
and there she was
we were happy
it seemed ancient
and I saw snow
snow white as ever
but here we were
and I was sinking

I recognise
I'm able
I'm doubtful
I'm afraid

how come I sometimes struggle that much
how come I sometimes don't like them that much
Track Name: Was
the shipper turned around
he was a very brittle man
he mumbled a bit
about redemption
i tried to reach him
he was absent
he knew he was alone

and i stayed there
i stayed there

my thoughts often drift to
to tropical settings
where i’ve never been to
the silence engulfs me
all temporary and endless

we can fly
or stare
Track Name: Deep
back at the station on a warm afternoon
there's nobody here
except an exactly well dosed
number of nostalgic looking travelers

she tickles my hands
i open up and feel safe
embracing the little creatures
tapping them on the shoulders
teaching them to walk
we're happy to shelter them
make them travel
we're sailing

the world seems bigger without strange faces around you
i wanted to be carried away again

i was full time myself
sliding over the clouds
enjoyed, enjoyed
Track Name: Dark
embarrassment you bore me...

yesterday i was there again
i'm often annoyed
it's not ok
i shouldn't be like that

i’m sitting at the first row
not getting happy of what i see
i get up

I decide to stay calm
it would be ok in the end

i dive into her eyes
but facing things
diving in
(but never avoiding)
(but drawn into)

does a bird dream about a good walk?

a girl beckons me
she's the only one with colored hair
sometimes brown, blue and yellow
i want to go here

and tomorrow i will hit you
tomorrow i'll hit you again and again
full consciousness, again
Track Name: Green
i'm staring across the polar sea
and i can see far

while he's got a monster
in his head
forces him to lie down on the floor
to gnaw on iron rods

and she
she put herself in a prison once
but she let herself being
convicted to proof herself wrong

they're busy, compliantly

and i’m no longer there
but, i can still see it
it’s not far away
but, i don't want
and i just can't return

they're busy, compliantly